The Cookie Plate’s the Thing

Cookies are supposed to be simple. They’re among the first things covered in pastry school and are usually one of the first tasks any aspiring baker tackles (slice and bake doesn’t count, Doughboy). Unfortunately, within simplicity lies a lot of room for complacency and mediocrity. Until recently I loathed the idea of a cookie plate. […]

Iron Cupcake Earth: Soda

This month, I was a little “meh” about the theme for Iron Cupcake. I don’t really drink soda (I’m a tea and water kind of girl), and considered sitting this one out. But, it wouldn’t be a challenge if I didn’t do it, and besides, I was able to make something for the coffee challenge, […]

An Awful Lot of Text for One Simple Recipe

I’ve been working my way through a fruit drawer (and a cupboard stash) of citrus.  Cara cara oranges, key limes, ruby red grapefruits, blood oranges, minneolas, meyer lemons…I’m definitely taking advantage of the best part about winter.  I’ve had mixed success: I still have to find time to try and thin out the over-cooked and […]

Acknowledging That it’s Too Early for This Kind of Talk

When I was a little kid, decorating the Christmas tree was a week-long event for my family.  We had boxes and boxes of cheesy ornaments my parents had gotten over the years, and, in the first house I lived in, an exceptionally high ceiling that demanded and exceptionally tall tree.  After going out to one […]