I’m Anna. I’m small. I live in the Very Big City and make tasty treats for a restaurant that is also small.

I like fruit, tea, herbs, vegetables, spices, edible flowers, trying unusual foods, egg foams, jelly beans, smoky brown liquors, fuzzy kitty bellies and being awesome.

I’ve been told that my peach cobbler is better than meeting Prince.

I’ve denied Harvey Weinstein cake.

I was once told that a particularly awesome dessert of mine “sounded disgusting” by a big meanie who I’ll never work for again. The dessert in question made two people practically cry tears of happiness.

Where do I get my ideas? I don’t know. Probably just a somewhat-focused overactive imagination. Why do I do the things I do? Because anyone who tells me I can’t isn’t worth listening to.

This blog design was thought up by me and executed most perfectly by Zack Brand.

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