I was sitting on a post for the better part of a year, finally was ready to post it, then thoughtlessly updated something and it was gone forever.

Let that be a lesson to us all:

Save yo’ shit, boys n girls.


I decided this year I’d start doing things that weren’t just working and aimless wandering (though I’ll never give up on my two great loves).

Obviously, posting here more is one of those things.

I don’t feel like I need to tell you the others. Goals are supposed to be more attainable if you don’t share them.

Unless that’s just something someone made up. Ought to look up the statistical evidence for that. But I figure it’s got to be like that thing where you know what you’re going to say in reply to a text or email, and next thing you know it’s two days later and you haven’t replied, you only convinced yourself you did.


There’s no real content here today, but there will be more soon. It may not necessarily be straight recipes, or even about food at all (but food will probably get mentioned).

I’ll sum this up with a particularly pithy line I came up with in the aforementioned deleted post, which I think sums up my personal work style very neatly, without going into exhaustive detail regarding Girl Scout Cookies and the like:

I am not your manic pastry dream girl, America.

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