This is less of a recipe, more of just an update. If you follow me on Twitter or know me personally this isn’t news.

That right there is the first thing I’ve baked in a little over a week.

“But Anna!” you might be saying. “Don’t you bake things all the time at work? At least every other day, right???”

Not anymore. See, when restaurant owners, especially fairly inexperienced ones, make mistakes like opening behemoth restaurants over the summer or just plain don’t realize that there’s nothing to worry about because EVERYONE experiences a drop in business towards the end of the summer…they panic and look for ways to cut costs. And they tend to attack the department they deem “unnecessary” or “excessive.” Which is, without exception, the pastry department. Meaning, me.

So, yup, unemployment….I’m not a big fan. I’ve been sleeping a lot, hugging kitties, watching tv…went on one trail at a restaurant I always thought I’d kill to work at. Walked out a few hours early after realizing I just don’t care about fine dining. So now I’m considering other things…catering, most likely. Of course if anyone were to offer me a bakery space I wouldn’t say no. ;)

After about a week I inevitably got the baking itch. So I made a plum crisp. No measuring, no recipe. I rarely use them when baking at home now anyway. About 8 red and purple plums, tossed with a little vanilla sugar and 5 spice. Sugar, flour, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt (both kosher and a bit of applewood smoked, which I love in desserts*) and a stick of butter. Worked by hand into a dough and dolloped on top of the plums, then baked at 375 for almost an hour, until browned and bubbly and jammy. Rewarmed to serve and topped with vanilla ice cream.

*A few months ago I developed an amazing apple pie filling. I’ve yet to recreate it with measurements but it involves buttery caramel seized with bourbon, sliced granny smiths, cinnamon, black pepper and applewood smoked salt. I’ll be making it again really soon. Just wait.

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  1. The apple pie filling sounds delicious! Also love the sound and look of this plum crisp. Really looking forward to stone fruit popping up in the shops in the months ahead.

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