Happily Demoted

You heard right. I’m no longer involved with Super Linda (aka All Consuming Eater of Souls) – was asked to leave following an altercation after I DARED to change a dessert I didn’t put on the menu myself. Nasty business. Chef quit a few months ago. The state of the nation is, I’m back to being the sole source of all things pastry for Tiny’s and only Tiny’s, I’m working out of the prep kitchen at a nearby affiliated sports bar, and the former sous is now running the show at Tiny’s.

The dessert that was deemed as “disgusting sounding” by an owner. Later sucker.

And things are going great! Better than expected, even. We were both ready to storm out when Chef left but…this is a chance to make a great place even better, and do what makes us happy. With a loyal kitchen staff behind him and an enthusiastic back and front of house behind me, we’re kicking ass.

My somewhat conceptual rhubarb dessert.

In fact I have literally been told on several occasions recently, “do whatever you want.”

Roasted strawberry tart. No daily fuss with fresh berries!

We’re tweaking and transforming the menus. Gone is the weird burger with sprouts, the crab dip, the brunch pastry basket.

Completely insane pineapple Jammy Tart.

We have a loyal enough following of regulars that I can fearlessly challenge them and myself at the same time.

Japanese cotton soft cheesecake…made like a sponge cake, baked in a water bath.

I’m also currently still setting up my gorgeous new apartment with my fiancĂ© (we have a private backyard and counter/cabinet space for miles!) and hugging Slappy, the cutest kitty in the world, daily. And I’m hoping to start sharing short but sweet recipes again soon!

Slappy says “hi, I’ll slap you!”


  1. hello there- long time no blogread? comment? anyway, happy to hear you’ve joined the ranks here in brooklyn. i want to come visit and taste what you’ve been up to soon. are you going to be there forever and ever now?

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