Now Hiring

Well hey there. It’s been a while. I’m still cranking out tasty things at the tiny pink restaurant, still lack my own computer and camera as well as enough free time and interest to be sharing recipes and whatnots with you. The times they are a-changing, though, and I’ve promised a certain special fellow Lady of the Pastry that I’d document my latest adventure here. Because allegedly people like when I write things. Huh.

Anyway…those changes. Well, I moved, still in Brooklyn, but a different part. It’s got lots of parts. It’s big. My reason for moving is related to my love life and how there is someone new in it. I like him. Lots. The third change is related to my job. Very soon I won’t be all alone, so lonely, tweaking out about making all the desserts myself. We’re opening a second, much much much bigger restaurant a block down the street and guess who’s in charge of all things sweet o’er there. Yeah. So, it was decided that production for both places would be in the nice big shiny new kitchen, and that I could hire helpers.

Helpers! My very own army of minions! Three of them! Yup. Three makes an army, right? Okay. I’m basically trying to assemble a team of totally awesome Pastry Superfriends. With unique abilities and special powers. The applications are in, I hate my inbox and the interviews have begun. My little calendar app has never seen so much action. And I’ll be continuing this saga shortly so totally come back and stuff.

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