I’ve been busy. Doing things like this:

Animal crackers!
Animal crackers! (via TribecaCitizen)

I don’t have any good pictures of my desserts so far, so here’s a bad one…bad picture, that is, this dessert is rad.

Carrot Sandwich
Carrot Sandwich

Since I spend my days in a somewhat dark basement with poor lighting, and I only have my phone for use as a camera, I won’t be getting any good shots on my own…not that I have time to mess with more than a quick snapshot anyway.

…But if YOU are ever in TriBeCa, and have some nice photography skillz please come by and take pictures and share them (and your thoughts!) with me.

A cake that didn't make the cut.
A cake that didn't make the cut.

I have some idea what you might be thinking.

“That’s nice, Anna, but what about the recipes?”

I’m not sure about that yet. Honestly I’m using a lot of base recipes that have appeared on this blog, but some things are completely new…like those animal crackers. I’ll share a few things, when/if I have the time. Right now I’m a little more preoccupied with nailing my fifth dessert…and wondering if I have too much orange on my menu (it’ll be pinker soon).


  1. RE: the cake that didn’t make the cut. Please send to me, ASAP. Thank you. ;)

    Animal cracker as mignardises?! Magical–way to go!

    Read 2 short diner-written reviews–4/5 stars, but no mention of desserts. We dessert babes are often the unsung heroes, though. Sounds like you guys are off to a great start–congratulations! =D

  2. Thanks guys! My only issue with the animal crackers is how time-consuming the piping is. But I ought to have a prep person soon. Right now I alternate between wacky types of Rice Krispies Treats and the animal crackers.

  3. So many good things to read about here! I’ve been away too long. I saw you were on Saveur’s 50 more blogs you should be reading. I couldn’t agree more!

    Congrats/best of luck with your endeavors!

  4. Hi Anna, Found you over here after trekking over from Brooklyn Farmhouse’s reference to your Informal Blathering: Syrupy Goodness post (or was that the other way ’round?)
    I’ve gotta tell ya, I hope someday you manage to find the time to get back to blogging, ’cause you definitely have the knack for it – great combo of detail and humour. Just the way I like it. Or maybe take the cookbook route a la Chez Pim? Seriously. I’d buy one.
    Anyway, congrats on the great new chapter in your life! Oh, and btw, your carrot (cake?) sandwich? Now there’s a perfect cake to icing ratio; ) Mm, hmm!
    Bon chance!!

  5. Thank you Deb! I’m hoping to maybe do a post of two this summer, I now have one day off a week as well as some evenings, but being in NYC I tend to spend my free time out and about (ok, generally eating at all kinds of strange places). Maybe someday a cookbook…but there are much more restaurant-related things in store for me before I get to that point ;) Just wait a few months…

  6. Hello! Why didn’t the cake make the cut? I personally think it looks lovely. In terms of photos, not everybody can afford a good camera I guess. I can’t and make do with my phone too (you should know that your photos are much better than mine) and sometimes I pinch my sister’s digital camera. What’s important is that you like blogging and can make friends through it. I think.

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