Rethinking a Least Favorite

Recently I thought to myself, while building an apricot-raspberry tart at work, that raspberries were my least favorite berries. Strawberries are sweet and seductive, blueberries (wild ones, anyway) are tiny and tart, blackberries are big and inky and juicy. But raspberries? Really not my thing, unless of course you count one of my favorite summer breakfasts of oatmeal with raspberries, peaches and honey.

berry time!
Hooray for berries!

However, there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes even a least favorite something has its place. One good place to stick your raspberries is in this awesome ice cream.

moar berries
Tangy, sweet and cold.

Time for a bit of a segue: Some time prior to the making of this ice cream (which admittedly was probably like a month ago…oops) I had picked up some gooseberries at the Green Market. I totally loved them but was unsure what to do with them, so I appealed to Twitter for help. In response I was offered a copy of the newly released The Berry Bible, from the always awesome Natalie (thank youuuuu). I gladly accepted, and though it didn’t arrive at my door in time for me to utilize it in my gooseberry experiment,* it sure came in handy later when raspberries began popping up all over. The book itself is indeed a veritable religious text of all things berries, and like most berry-driven guides originates in the Pacific Northwest. Though it’s quite dry reading and the recipes are very specific to obscure berries and local ingredients, it’s still a nice book to have on the shelf beside some of my other definitive titles.

I left in the seeds for crunch and appearances.

I ended up adapting a recipe for buttermilk-loganberry ice cream and it was absolutely wonderful, a really nice thing to have around during one of the early heat waves of this ridiculous summer. It would be great with some peach puree swirled in, or just topped with warm stewed peaches.

think pink
What a way to cool off.

Raspberry Buttermilk Ice Cream (adapted from The Berry Bible)

  1. 1 pint raspberries
  2. 1 1/2 cups sugar
  3. 2 cups buttermilk
  4. 1 Tbsp vodka

Thoroughly but gently rinse the raspberries, then drain and pat dry. Puree just until there are no whole berries left. Pour the puree into a mixing bowl and whisk in the other ingredients. Churn in an ice cream machine or by hand and freeze until firm and scoopable.

* Zack ended up suggesting gooseberry pancakes (since gooseberries are somewhat blueberry-like), which I made using the standard pancake recipe in The Joy of Cooking and serving with homemade elderflower syrup. They were really tasty and something I’ll make again next year when gooseberries pop up again for a week or two…though I have a tweak intended for the pancakes, if I can get a special flour. Ooooo….


  1. I just got my copy of the Berry Bible!! This sounds so great and although we have had an exceptionally cool summer, I’m sure it will warm up soon and I will need some of this ice cream!

  2. The color is so beautiful! I’m making buttermilk ice cream today (plain). I’ve never had it before. Peaches swirled in sounds like a dream…

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