I Regret to Inform You

August 8th, 2009


I am very disappointed to announce that due to the incomprehensible disorganization/stupidity of one Verizon Online, VerySmallAnna.com is on indefinite hiatus. Posting will resume once they can figure out how to stick to an appointed time window. Or once I choose another company to supply my internet. Thanks for sticking with me and be sure to follow me on Twitter (link on the right) to keep up with what I am doing (with the occasional picture of food or whatever).

PS – I am also still painting and taking custom art orders, though I am unable to post anything to Etsy until this ridiculous issue is resolved. You can email me at anna@verysmallanna.com with any requests, questions, etc.

2 Responses to “I Regret to Inform You”

  1. I’m definitely following you on twitter and loo forward to your return Anna! :D

  2. deeba says:

    Come back soon. Got you on twitter but can’t find all the macs that u twittering about…..HELP!!

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