One of my favorite things about the school I’m going to is their library. It’s a room full of cookbooks. I had a free hour during my tour and very happily spent it there.

yummy corner
Crumbly and awesome.

As someone who would rather buy ingredients than books, I saw so many books I wanted to open up and absorb. I wandered through the baking section until I found one I really wanted to check out but hadn’t had the chance: Baking – From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. I really, really want that book.

I didn’t have enough time to read the whole book, because it’s gigantic and I only had an hour, but I found one recipe that I knew I’d use – Chestnut Scones. I scribbled it down on the back of the large envelope they’d given me for all the paperwork, cards and information booklets I had been collecting on my way around the school.

there's a matcha leaf on that scone!
I can't help but mess with things that are already great.

I had some chestnut flour in the fridge leftover from when I made chestnut cupcakes, and wanted to use them for muffins or something. But it is PERFECT in these scones. I think I’m just going to keep making these until I run out of chestnut flour, which makes them naturally sweet.

I couldn’t resist messing with them, so I dusted some sweetened matcha over them. Soooo delicious.

You can find the recipe in the book, or through Google Book Search.

matcha tea leaf all up on that scone
I actually dusted more matcha on after the pictures, but thought I'd be all clever and make a tea leaf stencil. I think it's cute.

These were the perfect thing to eat with our fruit salad and tea as a late (early afternoon) breakfast. It’s too bad we didn’t get our latest shipment of teas yet, because I could totally Pierre Herme it up and eat them with passionfruit iced tea. Next time, though…

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