Making Improvements

This was supposed to be an entry about some delicious pavlovas I made. Unfortunately, the weather is horrible and cloudy and rainy this week, and by the time I was able to get them all assembled and take some pictures it was too dark and they all came out grainy. It’s all very sad and it means I’m going to have to get some more passion fruit and whip up some more egg whites (I’m not actually sad about that part, since I love passion fruits and meringue, plus it means I get to eat it again…yum). It’s frustrating, though.

Luckily, I had the foresight to split up something I made the other day. If you thought it looked weird but oddly refreshing, maybe this will convert you to the side of “yum.”

spoonfuls of stuff
Sweet little creamy treats!

The guava-cucumber mousse I made a few days ago was very yummy, but I thought it needed a little boost of sweetness, so I sliced bananas on the diagonal, placed them in little soup spoons and froze them. Once they were frozen, I plopped some of the mousse on top. Then I sprinkled them with chopped parsley and popped them all back in the freezer.

pink and creamy mousse with parsley
So refreshing when it's hot out!

What would normally be a somewhat frou-frou amuse bouche-type thing becomes a tasty frozen treat. Using the spoons makes them into somewhat of a “pop” with the handles on them. They are a lovely, light but satisfying snack after dinner on a hot day. The banana brings a fantastic sweetness to the rich mousse, making it into more of a dessert than it originally was.

all lined up
All in a row.

No recipe here, really, since I’ve already explained it all. But if you happen to find some fragrant guavas, some English cucumbers and a nice ripe banana, you should totally try this, especially on a hot day.


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