Another Treat for Mom

It’s a little late (almost 11pm here) but happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there. I made my mom something tasty for Mother’s Day. Something that I’ve been wanting to make for a little while, too.

I tried my best to break the seeds up.
I tried my best to break the seeds up.

Something wheat/gluten free that I was able to make sugarless. Something that tasted almost like ice cream, but wobbled like loose jello.

Awesome shape comes courtesy an adorable copper mold (Goodwill, $1)
Awesome shape comes courtesy an adorable copper mold (Goodwill, $1)

Once again, Alejandra came to my rescue with an easily sugarless, wheat-free, low-carb recipeĀ  – for vanilla bean panna cotta! Awesome. I knew my mom liked Jell-O so a more sophisticated version would definitely be appreciated. I also took a tip from the comment made by the super clever Online Pastry Chef, and gave it a little beating in an ice water bath before pouring the liquid panna cotta into the mold(s).

I took a risk trying a new pan, using Splenda instead of sugar, and replacing 2 out of the 3 cups of cream originally called for with milk (to reduce fat/cholesterol). I Increased the amount of gelatin I used to compensate for the lack of stiffness more cream would give.

It turned out super awesome. In retrospect, I maybe should have gotten some berries or something to go with it, but it stood well on its own. I also added my last Meyer lemon because it seemed like a sweet use for it…and I really love Meyer lemons with cream.

You could totally make this with full cream and sugar, but it’s not bad at all with the substitutions, if you need to make them. You could even use yogurt (I’ll be trying that sometime!) or coconut milk. Panna cotta!

Sugarless Meyer Lemon Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta (adapted from Always Order Dessert)

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day!
  1. 1 cup cream
  2. 2 cups whole milk
  3. 2 1/2 tsp powdered gelatin (slightly less than 1 oz.)
  4. 1 large vanilla bean, split
  5. 1/2 cup granulated Splenda
  6. Zest & juice from 1 Meyer lemon

Pour cream into a medium saucepan and sprinkle with gelatin. Let sit 5 minutes. Place over low heat, stirring gently until the gelatin dissolves completely. Scrape the vanilla bean into the cream and add the vanilla pod, milk and zest. Simmer over medium heat until the cream foams slightly (about 5 minutes). Remove from heat, cover, and allow to steep 15-30 minutes. Prepare an ice water bath. Remove the pod and add the Splenda and lemon juice. Place the saucepan into the ice water bath and beat gently until it reaches the consistency of softly whipped cream. Pour into individual ramekins or a larger desired mold. Place plastic wrap directly onto the surface of the panna cotta, as evenly as possible. Refrigerate at least 4 hours, until set but still slightly jiggly.

To Unmold:

Prepare a hot water bath. Remove the plastic from the ramekins/mold and carefully dip into the hot water bath, being careful not to get the panna cotta wet. Place serving dish upside down onto open side of mold and flip, then jiggle the mold until the panna cotta splorches out. Yes, I said splorches.

I was also working under time constraints and was about at the 4 hour mark when I left for my parents’ house. The panna cotta still clearly set up perfectly and tasted great.


  1. This came out gorgeous! I need to find a pretty mold like that one so I can make mine come out prettier like yours. Panna cotta is fantastic when made sugarfree and it’s definitely one of my favorite splenda desserts. I’m so happy this came out perfectly for your mom!!

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