Eating Sunshine for Breakfast

This is just a quick post about my first adventures in jam/jelly/preserves-making.  It’s not something I’m going to be getting into regularly, as the threat of botulism is a scary one, but this recipe is safe and easy.

It's not actually meant to be that dark...oops.
It's not actually meant to be that dark...oops.

I did manage to screw it up, despite it being easy.  In my determination to get it to the right temperature I overcooked it quite a bit, and once it was in a jar and chilled it was like cement.  Not remotely spreadable.

So sweet and sticky...yum.
So sweet and sticky. Yum!

When I had some time, I stuck the open jar in a pan of boiling water to loosen it, then reboiled the marmalade with some water and transferred it to a new (clean) jar.  Much better!

So what kind of marmalade is it?
So what kind of marmalade is it?

I made this marmalade with meyer lemons and vanilla bean.  The recipe is here, and I encourage anyone who can get their hands on the ingredients to try it.  Just don’t boil it for an extra 15 minutes in an effort to get it to just the right temperature.

The flavor was only slightly affected by the over-boiling…a little more “caramelized” than it should probably taste, and definitely a little darker in color than it should be.  But it’s really tasty anyway and I’m definitely enjoying it!


  1. I had that problem, too. I couldn’t get it up to the temperature the recipe called for. I think I came just 10 degrees under, so I stopped at that. Mine came out fine; it did thicken, but wasn’t overly thick. Yours may be a little darker, but what a pretty color that is! With its caramel notes, I bet it would be good dribbled on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. :)

  2. It’s definitely a pretty color, and the little vanilla bean specks are so cute! Mm, it probably would be good with ice cream. I may have to try to make some.

  3. I LOVE MARMALADE. And Im convinced its even better when it cooks down and becomes caramelized. And don’t worry about botulism, its easy to spot and ya just toss it if ya find a jar thats not sealed or foamy. I’ve been canning things with my mom my entire life and I’ve only had to throw one batch away. Ever. Don’t let it scare ya!

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