Don’t You Just Love the Word Marshmallow?

I guess it’s been almost a week since I posted anything! Oops!

I’ve been having somewhat tea-themed adventures, and while the cookies I made weren’t exactly what I was looking for, I did make some lovely matcha marshmallows.

Sunny sunny matcha mallows!
Sunny sunny matcha mallows!

I’d been looking around for a good marshmallow recipe to start with that didn’t use three packets of gelatin. If four packets come in a box and your recipe uses three, that’s just stupid math. Luckily, there was a recipe on Coconut & Lime that I was able to use. It was so easy and super food-magical (you know, food magic…like meringue and bread and stuff).

With two packets of gelatin, I got a ton of marshmallows and ended up mailing some to a cousin. I might even halve the recipe and try other flavors, to get thinner marshmallows. Then I can use cookie cutters on them.

These have a very strong matcha flavor, and are crazy fluffy and delicious. They are really good with dark chocolate, and if anyone’s got any good recipes for like a sweetened rice and/or sesame cracker, let me know – I want to make bastardized s’mores out of them. They’d be wonderful just covered with the chocolate, too.

I’ll be back with more food in a few days…I’ve got a ton of things I need to make this month but want to take some time to focus on art projects. I’ll post about the successful ones!


  1. haven’t had marshmellows since I was a kid. Not sure I could cope with with syrupy soft sweetness!

    fairy floss too … used to love that stuff. What kids will eat, and actually enjoy!

  2. I love matcha! I’ve made marshmallows using two different techniques: one with egg white & gelatine and one with just gelatine. However, I have yet to make matcha marshmallows. Yours look fabulous!

  3. ggw, They’re not overly sweet. The matcha cuts the sweetness, but you do have to have a taste for the slightly plant-y flavor of matcha!

    duodishes, I am still looking for a cracker recipe! I’m afraid I’ll eat them all by the time I find one!

    toontz, I double love the word marshmallow because you can shorten it without ruining the fun of it…marshies and mallows are both acceptable abbreviations as far as I’m concerned!

    cakebrain, I haven’t tried with egg whites yet. I probably should, I’m a horrible vegetarian eating gelatin like this!

    carolyn, I think tea lattes are going to be one of my next projects. I had an amazing matcha-jasmine one recently, so I might try these with a mixture like that. Thanks for the idea!

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