An Awful Lot of Text for One Simple Recipe

I’ve been working my way through a fruit drawer (and a cupboard stash) of citrus.  Cara cara oranges, key limes, ruby red grapefruits, blood oranges, minneolas, meyer lemons…I’m definitely taking advantage of the best part about winter.  I’ve had mixed success: I still have to find time to try and thin out the over-cooked and […]

I Love Risotto

Apologies if this is a little disjointed…meandering…non-linear…et cetera.  I am sitting down to some of the most delicious leftovers ever after three or four hours of intense kitchen activity.  Between the baking and the poaching, the skin on my face is tight and fresh (from all the steam).  The poaching isn’t quite finished – that’s […]

Iron Cupcake Earth: Wine I

This is the first thing I came up with when I decided to go with Chardonnay as my wine for the challenge.  I might try something with the Merlot from last month, but due to a previous lack of proper equipment I now have a very full bottle of Chardonnay, and these cupcakes are SO […]