Because Why the Hell Not

My, what are those misshapen little things?
My, what are those misshapen little things?

So the other day I thought to myself, for no reason in particular, “Hey, you know what’s really tasty?  Tiramisu!  I should try to make that.  This is going to be fun!”  So I started browsing around for recipes, getting all excited about constructing one of my favorite desserts for the very first time…making mental grocery lists…and then it all came to an abrupt stop.  A PACKAGE of ladyfingers?  I decided I needed to prove my hardcoreness to myself by making my own ladyfingers.  I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I found a few recipes, chose one (from the Joy of Cooking) and paid another visit to my new best friend Mr. Kitchenaid.  Cake flour, whipped egg whites (I could watch that thing whip egg whites over and over again!), sifted powdered sugar, vanilla, salt, egg yolks…I mixed it all up aaaaand…it was completely liquid.  Horribly runny with nothing I could do to fix it.  I knew I had to start over so I washed everything out and thought about why that happened.  I’m sure I didn’t whip the whites quite long enough in the beginning – and probably overbeat it after combining everything – but decided to try another recipe just in case.  I found a much simpler one that only called for flour (all-purpose this time), eggs, granulated sugar and baking powder.  This time I took extra care whipping the eggs and very carefully folded everything together, and ended up with something that could actually be called a dough!  It was fluffy and light as a cloud, so I eagerly scooped it into my pastry bag.  I had a heck of a time getting the bag to squirt from the tip and not ooze everything out the top, and ended up with very gooey hands.  I eventually covered the whole cookie sheet in somewhat even little lines, though (most of the misshapen ones were due to dough dripping from my hands and the top of the pastry bag), and moved them into the oven.  They baked up in well under 10 minutes and I’m actually pretty pleased!

A few of them are kind of pretty!  Yay!
A few of them are kind of even! Yay!

I don’t know how they taste, since I want to make sure I have enough for the tirsmisu (they’re a little small and I didn’t use all the dough due to its messiness, but the recipe was for more than the tiramisu calls for so hopefully I’ll be ok).  I’d imagine they’re very bland at this point, which is fine since I am planning on using my favorite liqueur instead of the marsala listed in the recipe.

They're small, but they fit nicely in the container.
Nighty night, little ladyfingers.

I’ve tucked them away for the night and will finish the tiramisu tomorrow!

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