Iron Cupcake November: Cranberry

I decided I really wanted to challenge myself, so I’m jumping into Iron Cupcake, in part because I was so excited about the theme!  I’ve always loved a particular cranberry orange relish that my grandma always makes for Thanksgiving, so I knew I had to make a tangy, orange-spiked cupcake. Cranberries are interesting…there aren’t too […]

Acknowledging That it’s Too Early for This Kind of Talk

When I was a little kid, decorating the Christmas tree was a week-long event for my family.  We had boxes and boxes of cheesy ornaments my parents had gotten over the years, and, in the first house I lived in, an exceptionally high ceiling that demanded and exceptionally tall tree.  After going out to one […]

Treats for Bears

Like most people with the baking bug, I absolutely love shopping for baking accessories – shaped pans, colored sugar, cute stands…It’s so great to find some little set of shaped sprinkles or decorative flags for cupcakes that spark your imagination.  I had this happen recently to me when I found some Pooh Bear cupcake papers.  […]

Keeping it Simple, For Now

All right, I haven’t been cooking much lately.  I’ve been eating delicious food, but not so much cooking.  I just made a biiiig grocery list (with some fancy ingredients on it!) for tomorrow, though, so there will be some interesting things to read about starting tomorrow! To make up for my utter slackitude lately, here’s […]